About Minerva Fish Bar

At Minerva located at Kingsport Ave, Howden, Livingston EH54 6BA, we take pride in serving delicious, high-quality seafood coupled with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our menu is carefully curated to satisfy your seafood cravings while catering to a variety of taste preferences.

Indulge in a wide selection of freshly caught fish, prepared with expertise and care. From classic options like cod and haddock to more adventurous choices like sea bass or salmon, your taste buds will be in for a treat! Our fish is cooked to perfection, ensuring a crispy, golden exterior and tender, flavorful flesh.

If you're seeking an authentic taste of British tradition, then there's no better place to stop by than The Minerva Fish Bar in Livingston. Our shop is known for its signature fish and chips masterpieces and this is the spot to satisfy your chippy cravings!

We understand the importance of catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs. For our vegetarian and vegan friends, we offer delicious alternatives like vegetable tempura, vegan fish substitutes, or hearty vegan burgers.

Also, we’re now proudly partnered with the Scotland largest 0% commission online food ordering Platform, Mealzo! The only thing you need to do is download the Mealzo App, order your local takeaway and get discounts on your orders!

To order over the phone, feel free to call us at 01506 437422.
Thanks for choosing us. Looking forward to serving you always!


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